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Get the Most for Your Money

“Budget engineering” means every dollar you spend shows in the finished product. Economy choices or lavish displays like this round room with curved granite counter, Patrick Wallen's experience delivers the custom wine storage that fits your budget and taste.

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Years of Experience in Design and Refrigeration

Founder and owner, Patrick Wallen, has been designing and building wine cellars for more than fifteen years. Prior to opening Artistic Wine Cellars, his background was in design, display and commercial refrigeration for specialty grocers.

Wine Storage, Acquisition, Management and Sales

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Based in San Francisco, Vinfolio sells fine wine and services to serious wine collectors. They offer more than 2,800 wines, free online cellar management software, and collector services, including on-site inventorying services and a state-of-the-art storage facility.

Climate Control Systems

Beautiful design and craftsmanship are an important part of fine wine storage, but keeping the quality of your wine the same as the day it was bottled is even more important. Patrick Wallen knows that maintaining a constant temperature is crucial to a wine's shelf life, so he chooses Phil Finer Refrigeration for all commercial split systems and ducted systems. They provide a wide variety of temperature and humidity controls as well as air circulation equipment that fits your custom design. We work with John Grant at Phil Finer Refrigeration in Redwood City. 888-245-6493

BreezAire makes “through the wall” cooling units that are acceptable for small closets and spaces not exceeding 650 cu. ft. as long as there is adequate space for venting the warm air given off by the compressor. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and provide the best factory service in the industry. For more information click on BreezAire.

“Vinfolio sells fine wine to collectors and enthusiasts nationally, almost all of whom use or need a home wine cellar. When Bay area customers want to develop or expand their wine cellar, we recommend Patrick Wallen and Artistic Wine Cellars for custom wine cellar design and installation. His knowledge and craftsmanship are superb.”

Stephen J. Bachmann, CEO
Vinfolio, Inc.