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Patrick Wallen's Budget Engineering

The best time to contact us is when your wine room walls are framed in and before you have roughed-in electrical, lighting, insulation, etc. Everything you will need to do is dictated by the wine racking design you select.


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Some Features and Options by Artistic Wine Cellars

Artistic Wine Cellars

Examples of “budget engineering” include using square corners instead of curved, eliminating the handmade wood arches that connect the racks and simply having a rectangular opening, and wood counters instead of luxury materials. Our goal is to help you get the most for your money, to avoid costly mistakes, to make your wine cellar efficient, and to build a room you'll enjoy for many years to come.

Budget Engineering for your Custom Wine Cellar

how to save on wine storageThis 2500 bottle wine cellar has double-deep racking on the long walls. By placing two bottles in each slot, your cost per bottle is less. The far wall has a wooden countertop with adjustable shelves below to accommodate larger bottles and wood cases. Above the wood counter is a single-deep, lighted, high-reveal display. The bottle support sticks are angled at 15° to showcase prized vintages which are illuminated by in-rack display lights.

It's not just about the wood: Location of lighting, electrical outlets and climate control is an integral part of the racking design process. If you are thinking of building a wine room, the ideal time to contact us for no-obligation information is when framing is complete, prior to roughing in. We can help you avoid costly mistakes.